ICGC Welcomes 2022 Cohort of Scholars

Posted on
June 29, 2022

The 2022 ICGC Scholars, the 34th cohort, will be welcomed into the community in Fall 2022, with orientation during the last week of August.

The 10 new scholars—each from different departments within five colleges and schools at the UMN—come from countries including India, the United States, Mexico, Egypt, Afghanistan, Colombia, and Brazil. We are excited to bring their energy, knowledge and voices for issues of social justice and global change to the University of Minnesota.

2022 ICGC Cohort

Joan Barreto Ortiz 
Plant and Microbial Biology (CBS) 

Rachel Bergman
Sociology (CLA)
United States

Abdulrahman Bindamnan 
Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development (CEHD)
United States

Julian Cervera Leonetti 
Master of Development Practice (HHH)

Luiza de Almeida Lucena 
Natural Resources Science & Management (CFANS) 

Vaishnavi Kollimarla 
Theatre Arts (CLA) 

Wakinyan LaPointe 
American Studies (CLA) 
United States

Disha Mehta 
Master of Development Practice (HHH)

Nada Mohamed 
Philosophy (CLA) 

Tahmina Sobat 
Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies (CLA)