Interdisciplinary Research at ICGC

ICGC, in partnership with the Office of the Vice President for Research, supports collaborative and interdisciplinary research circles involving ICGC faculty and students.

Supported research projects relate to ICGC’s academic mission through a focus on global change, especially as seen in the Global South and communities of color within North America, addressing issues of peace, conflict, security, social and environmental change, justice, human rights, development and international cooperation.

We understand the Global South to include communities in: 

  • Asia 
  • Africa
  • Latin America 
  • Areas of North America experiencing marginalization or living precariously in the context of global change 
  • Areas of Europe experiencing marginalization or living precariously in the context of global change

Projects that include attention to the politics of transactional knowledge flows are also welcome.

The research circles bring participants together for a period of sustained interaction (one to two years) around a theme of common interest and across disciplinary lines to explore innovative research agendas with a global, international, or transnational focus and to develop the bases for continued collaboration. The research circles support scholarly research initiatives of an interdisciplinary and international nature designed to:

  • Foster an interdisciplinary community of ICGC faculty and graduate students
  • Explore innovative research agendas with a global south dimension and interdisciplinary range
  • Develop continued collaboration