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Guidelines for ICGC Graduate Fellowship Competition

Deadline: 4:30pm, Monday, January 29, 2018

For the 2018 ICGC Scholar Fellowship competition:

  • Each DGS may nominate up to six candidates for ICGC Scholar Fellowships of which up to 3 may include ICGC Mellon Scholar Fellowships.
  • ICGC encourages departments to nominate a diverse range of students including students from the global south and groups underrepresented in graduate education.
  • ICGC accepts fellowship nominations for admitted students entering doctoral programs in the Colleges of Biological Sciences; Education and Human Development; Food, Agriculture, and Natural Resource Sciences; Liberal Arts; the School of Public Health or the Humphrey School of Public Affairs. 
  • ICGC also accepts fellowship nominations for admitted students entering master’s programs in the School of Public Health as well as from the intercollegiate Master of Development Practice and Master of Human Rights programs. The majority of funding supports doctoral students. Because we offer a small number of fellowships for master’s students, we limit the total number of nominations for master’s students to eight per college with no more than four from a single degree program.
  • This year ICGC offers two fellowship tracks. The first track offers a standard ICGC Fellowship package similar to previous years’ awards. The second track offers a fellowship package with a reduced financial commitment. Details on fellowship terms are included in the DGS Information Packet already provided to DGS' and DGS Assistants.

Submission Process:

Programs must submit nominations through the ApplyYourself  (AY) system no later than 4:30pm on January 29, 2018.  Note for SPH nominators: Because SPH does not use the AY system, we ask you to follow this process.  

Steps to Nominate via AY:

  • Look up nominee in AY and select name
  • In nominee's application, in the "View Full Application" box on the right, click "Application for Graduate Admission"

  • A drop down menu will appear. Select "Fellowship Nomination"

  • Within the Fellowship Nomination box, there are 4 prompts:

  1. Indicate the program you are nominating for (ICGC Scholar or ICGC-Mellon Scholar).
  2. Upload the required DGS nomination letter explaining how the student's intellectual interests fit with the objectives and interests of ICGC. The letter must indicate the fellowship type (ICGC Scholar or ICGC Mellon Scholar) as well as the fellowship funding track (standard ICGC award or alternate track).
  3. Upload an optional 2-3 page personal statement from the applicant concerning interest in issues central to the ICGC fellowship program. Please note that the ICGC-specific personal statement is not required, but can provide additional helpful information to the selection committee.
  4. Indicate whether the student is being nominated for or received an offer for a CLA-GF or Dove Fellowship Award.  
  • Note: you must click SAVE (either top or bottom right) after you have completed this box.

Notification Process:

ICGC will begin to notify departments of awards in early March. Please be aware that our fellowship awards process continues on a rolling basis if fellowships are declined in the initial round. The notification timeline for alternates can and typically does take place over several weeks, sometimes as late as April.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact ICGC at icgc@umn.edu.