ICGC Research Circle "Bodies that Haunt" Present at NWSA 2022

Posted on
October 27, 2022

ICGC research circle on "Bodies that Haunt: Rethinking the Political Economy of Racialized Death" will have members present at the National Women's Studies Association Annual Conference (NWSA), taking place November 10-13, 2022 in Minneapolis.  The conference theme is "Killing Rage: Resistance on the Other Side of Freedom".  The conference regularly draws more than 2,200 attendees and is the only annual meeting in the US exclusively dedicated to showcasing the latest feminist scholarship. 

Moderated by ICGC faculty affiliate and research circle facilitator, Rachmi Diyah Larasati, the group will present a roundtable on Thursday, November 10 that is 'inspired by bell hooks’s work in feminist of color coalition and seeking a politic of gathering with our communities, not only living but no longer and not yet'.  Members include Sayan Bhattacharya (ICGC Alum, University of Maryland - College Park), Colin Walker Wingate (UC Davis), Naimah Zulmadelle Petigny (Rhode Island School of Design), Emily Marielle Mitamura (UMN), Jose Manuel Santillana Blanco (Former ICGC Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellow, UC Davis), and Aytak Akbari-Dibavar (York University).