25 Years

Faculty Advisory Committee

The Faculty Advisory Committee, ICGC’s governing committee, is composed of the ICGC Leadership Team and seven ICGC affiliated faculty members. This committee assists with strategic decision making for the program, votes on the addition of new faculty to the Center’s graduate school roster, reviews grant proposals, and provides key advice to the Leadership Team.

Participants 2016-17

Karen Brown (chair) ICGC
Research Interests: feminist international relations, gender and politics, international human rights, international research ethics
Shereen Sabet (staff)                                          ICGC
Ragui Assaad HHH; Public Affairs
Research interests: labor markets, urban poverty, informal economy, Egypt  
Ken Bartlett CEHD, Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development
Research Interests: Human resource development, vocational education and training, organization development and change
Julie Grossman CFANS; Horticulture Science
Research Interests: Organic Agriculture; Soil Nutrient Cycling; Legume Cover Crops; Rhizobia Ecology; Biological Nitrogen Fixation
Rachmi Diyah Larasati CLA, Theater Arts & Dance
Research Interests: Post Colonial Feminist Studies, Performance & Indegeneity and the Neoliberal Project, Aesthetics and law
Rachel Schurman CLA, Sociology
Research Interests: agro-food studies, soc movements, environment, Latin America
Student Representative TBA
Research Interests: