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25 Years

MDP Summer Field Experiences Set for 2020

MDP students complete an international field experience, or practicum, in the summer following their first year of course work. Field locations are typically in the global south but may also be in other regions or locations where development challenges align with program focus areas.

Field experiences are team projects – typically three to four students – and provide practical, first-hand experience with sustainable development work, whether through field placements in ongoing projects, research, project development and evaluation, or strategic planning. Typically, a successful field experience centers on a self-directed project and, in that regard, is not an internship, per se, where students help out with whatever comes up during their time in the field. 

2020 projects
  • Global Mamas. Ghana. Evaluation - participatory design and strategic planning. (Advisor: Simone Gbolo)
  • Rainforest Alliance. Guatemala. Natural resource conservation and development through livelihood diversification and market systems. (Advisor: Dean Current) 
  • Rural Tourism Development Network. Morocco. Agriculture-based tourism. Strategic and business planning. (Advisor: Cynthia Messer and John Vreyens) 
  • Mfangano Community Health Field Station. Kenya. Program design and development for community radio. Health. Environment. (Advisor: Dave Wilsey and Chas Salmen) 
  • Mizoram University. India. Exploring climate change adaptation through livelihood and market system development.  (Advisor: Dean Current)