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MDP Student/ICGC Scholar Feature: "Changing Women’s Lives to Change the World"

MDP student and ICGC scholar Karla Godoy da Costa Lima is featured in the University of Minnesota's Global Programs and Strategy Alliance "M Global", a platform for the University community to highlight and maximize their global engagement. 

“I believe that when a woman’s life changes, the world around her changes with her." ~ Karla Godoy da Costa Lima (MDP/ICGC 2020 Cohort)

Karla joined the University in Fall 2020.  She wants to use her Master's degree to help reduce poverty among women by including gender guidelines in sustainable development programs.  Karla co-founded EcoCiclo, a startup producing the first biodegradable sanitary pads in Brazil. EcoCiclo aims to reduce poverty by employing women who are at social and economic risk. It also focuses on reducing the environmental impacts of conventional menstrual products.  She is also involved in the Acara Graduate Changemakers Lab and will be representing Brazil at the One Young World Summit in July. 

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