25 Years

A. Mangai Visits the University of Minnesota

On Wednesday, October 26 A. Mangai, leading feminist theater maker from the Department of English, Stella Maris College, visited ICGC to talk with graduate students over lunch, and to give her talk “Performing Violence: Politics through Feminist Theatre" through the ICGC and South Asia Seminar.  In her talk Mangai discussed the politics of presenting gendered violence through art and theater, including how community and interactive modes of performance can provoke shared moments of grief and processing for survival.  Central to the day's discussions were the ethics and politics of working through violence, in particular the question of grappling with gendered violence without its aestheticization and individualization, to create a terrain of broader critique.  Mangai's powerful discussion drew a large crowd and enabled expansive conversations at ICGC.  Be sure to view her talk at ICGC's digital reserves!