25 Years

ICGC Welcomes Visiting Scholar from Brazil

ICGC is pleased to welcome Raquel Dantas do Amaral, who will be in residence at ICGC through September 2017.

Raquel is Brazilian and received Bachelor degree in Architecture and Urbanism in her city Fortaleza in 2004. She got her title Master of Science in Urban Management from the Tecnology University of Berlin in 2008. After finishing her master course, she returned to Brazil and has worked for 3 years at State Government of Ceara enrolled in a development Project financed by Interamerican Development Bank (IDB). This period instigated her to comprehend better the role of development banks, so she initiated her Phd program in the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of University of São Paulo in Brazil in 2014. During her third year of Phd research she has the opportunity to enjoy the ICGC scholar community to exchange ideas about these global institutions of power and their relation with the state, focusing in urban and regional planning issues.  She will also be working with Michael Goldman, ICGC affiliated faculty member in the Department of Sociology.