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ICGC Welcomes 3 more Visitors Fall 2017

ICGC is pleased to recognize the arrival of our 3 more visitors for the Fall 2017 semester! 

Serife Genis is an associate professor of Sociology at Adnan Menderes University in Turkey.  She is a visiting faculty member with ICGC for the 2017-18 academic year and working with Michael Goldman in Sociology.  Dr. Genis will be teaching an ICGC course on "Globalization and Cities" this Fall.  Learn more about her here.

Kate Highman is a visiting scholar and faculty member from the University of the Western Cape working on on the history and politics of English literature as a university discipline in South Africa.  She will be with ICGC through mid-December.  Learn more about her here.

Thozama Maduma is a Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Humanities Research (CHR) at the University of the Western Cape in History. She is currently working on the broad historiography of colonialism in the Eastern Cape and on de-colonial and nationalist thought. Thozama will be here through mid-December - read more on her here.