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ICGC Partner Announces Annual Winter School in Critical Humanities

We are delighted to share with everyone the annual Winter School in the Humanities, held under the theme of “Exodus, Movement, a/the People: Critical Thinking and the Collective”, and hosted by the Centre for Humanities Research (CHR), University of the Western Cape (UWC), and held in collaboration with the SARChI Chair in Social Change, University of Fort Hare (UFH), and the Interdisciplinary Centre for the Study of Global Change (ICGC), University of Minnesota (UM) and the Jackman Institute at the University of Toronto (UT), will convene remotely this year. 

On the programme (see below) you will find a link to each webinar session. Please click on the link in order to register. The registration portals include links to each of the papers provided by speakers. Papers will be made available a week  before the webinar and  will be taken as read before each of the webinars. If you would like to send your questions or comments in advance, please email them, no later than the morning of the respective webinar, to msmithtruscott81@gmail.com or submit them to the Q&A option during the webinar. For any other Winter School related  queries or questions please email Michelle Smith at msmithtruscott81@gmail.com.

Please note our first webinar takes place next week Friday, August 21st, titled: The Black Aquatic: On Water, Art and Black Movement with Rinaldo Walcott -  register below.

Winter School 2020 Program

** Please note all times are currently in GMT +2 (Johannesburg, South Africa) +7 from CST (Minnesota) 

The Black Aquatic: On Water, Art and Black Movement

August 17th: lecture will be made available as text

Presenter: Rinaldo Walcott

Discussants: Lwando Scott and Sibongile Khumalo

August 21st, 3 pm: Webinar Chair: Suren Pillay

Register to: https://bit.ly/WSRinaldoWalcott 


Publics and Policing: Spies, Surveillance, and Colonial Subjects in Anti-Colonial French Politics

August 28th: lecture will be made available as text

Presenter: Nancy Luxon

Discussants: Fernanda Almeida and Lindokuhle Mandyoli

September 4th, 4 pm: Webinar Chair: Patricia Hayes

Register to: https://bit.ly/WSNancyLuxon


Leaving Zion

September 4th: lecture will be made available as text

Presenter: Heidi Grunebaum

Discussants: Shai Gortler and Ajohche Awungija

September 14th, 3 pm: Webinar

Chair: Valmont Layne

Register to: https://bit.ly/WSHeidiGrunebaum


Radical Disenchantment

September 25th, 3pm: Webinar

Required Reading: Fadi Bardawil, Prologue, Chapter 5 (Exit Marx/Enter Ibn Khaldun) and Epilogue in Revolution and Disenchantment: Arab Marxism and the Binds of Emancipation: Duke University Press, Durham and London 2020.

Text available at https://bit.ly/FadiBardawilText

Presenter: Fadi Bardawil Discussant: Yonas Ashine TBC:

Webinar Chair: Heidi Grunebaum

Register to: https://bit.ly/OtherUniversalsRegistration