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ICGC Global Food Security Fellowship

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ICGC Global Food Security Fellowships

Global food security represents an urgent contemporary global issue in policy and academic arenas, and President Kaler has identified it as a University of Minnesota priority. Questions of food supply, access, and quality, as well as the connections among food and economic, social, environmental, and cultural forces, demonstrate the necessity of an interdisciplinary approach. ICGC will host graduate fellows with an interest in this issue in a broadly interdisciplinary community of faculty and graduate students with interests in the global south and questions of social justice.

With the support of the Office of the Vice President for Research and MnDRIVE funding, ICGC will offer fellowships to support graduate student research focused on interdisciplinary approaches to global food security with a particular emphasis on questions of social justice. Fellows will receive financial support and will be invited to participate in ICGC’s interdisciplinary seminars and research groups, including a group to focus specifically on questions of global food security.

Fellowship Terms: For doctoral students, each fellowship provides total funding of $30,000 for one year of dissertation work (this figure includes 1 credit FTE tuition per semester and the cost of subsidized health insurance for two semesters with the remainder of the funding going to the student in the form of a fellowship stipend) at the doctoral candidate (ABD) level. Doctoral candidates may also request consideration for a single-semester doctoral research fellowship with total funding of $15,000 (this figure includes 1 credit FTE tuition and the cost of subsidized health insurance for one semester with the remainder of the funding going to the student in the form of a fellowship stipend) if this better fits an eligible students' research timeline.

For master's level or pre-ABD level doctoral students, each fellowship provides $5,000-$10,000 (these figures are research fellowship stipends to be used toward the costs of research work during the summer at the $5,000 level or during a single semester at the $10,000 level).

Eligibility: Students enrolled in doctoral and master's degree programs in the Colleges of Food, Agriculture and Natural Resource Sciences; Biological Sciences; Liberal Arts; Education and Human Development; or the School of Public Health or Humphrey School of Public Affairs are eligible for awards.**

ICGC Global Food Security Fellows must be undertaking research (the awards do not support coursework) focused on the global dimensions of food security, conducting projects with either international research or research in the U.S. related to global food security issues. Research making connections to food security issues in Minnesota, or supporting local students conducting food security research, will receive priority consideration, as will projects with an explicit social justice focus.

**Students who already hold ICGC Scholar research fellowships are ineligible for these awards**

Application Process: Applications due on February 20, 2017, will enable students to apply for awards to be used starting in summer 2017 or fall 2017.

Applications will consist of the following materials submitted to ICGC (icgc@umn.edu) by 4:30pm on February 20, 2017, deadline:

(1) Applicant submission of online Notification of Interest Form (includes CV, transcript, and research statement)

(2) DGS submission of online Nomination Form

(3) Brief letter of support from academic adviser (applicant should request that their adviser send the letter of support to icgc.umn.edu by deadline date). Adviser should confirm that applicant is conducting a relevant research project, at the appropriate stage in their program to undertake the research, and in good standing in their program.

We anticipate informing applicants of the outcome of their application in mid-March for the spring application deadline.