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25 Years

Multiculturalism and Migration: An Artist’s Vision

Wed, 02/02/2011 - 12:30pm
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ICGC Distinguished Lecture Series presented by Mirta Kupferminc, award-winning artist from Argentina

Kupferminc’s prize-winning work has been shown internationally and hangs in museum collections in Europe, the U.S., and Latin America. It is technically brilliant and visually beautiful. Kupferminc speaks to such social and political questions as state violence and migration, as well as to aesthetic issues (as in her artist's book, "Borges and the Cabala"). Her "Wanderings" series evokes the anomie of diaspora; her video/ performance piece "Written on the Skin" juxtaposes tattooing as a residue of the Holocaust and as a form of urban self-decoration; and her memorial to the victims of the bombing of the AMIA in Buenos Aires reminds us of a particular form of urban terror.