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25 Years

Bush of Ghosts: Photography & the Subject of the Political

Thu, 03/31/2011 - 3:30pm
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ICGC Distinguished Lecture Series presented by Professor Patricia Hayes, University of Western Cape, South Africa

In "Bush of Ghosts: Life & War in Namibia," 1986‐1990 photographer John Liebenberg and historian Patricia Hayes address the Namibian anti‐colonial liberation struggle during the late 1980s. The book deals with urban political mobilization as well as the northern war zone. The conflict involved South African conscripts in what became known as the Border War until the UN‐supervised transition to Independence in 1990. Liebenberg’s photographs document the militarization of the body and the gaze, the spaces and conditions that produced nationalist subjectivities, and the palpable rise of an African presidentialism in the wake of exile and return of the liberation movement SWAPO. This public lecture by co‐author Patricia Hayes offers a critical reflection on the relationship between photography and history in southern Africa, and political aesthetics more broadly.