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25 Years

Schooling as Uncertainty: An Ethnographic Memoir

Fri, 04/02/2021 - 12:00pm
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Presented by Frances Vavrus, Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy and Development

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In today‚Äôs uncertain world, few beliefs remain as firmly entrenched as the optimistic view that more schooling will lead to a better life. Though this may be true in the aggregate, how do we explain the circumstances when schooling fails to produce certainty or even does us harm? In this presentation, Frances Vavrus addresses this question by way of her new book, Schooling as Uncertainty, which combines ethnography and memoir as it guides readers on a 30-year journey through fieldwork and familyhood in Tanzania and academic life in the US. Adopting a narrative approach, Vavrus tells the story of how her life became entangled with a community on Mount Kilimanjaro and how she and they sought greater security through schooling and, to varying degrees, succeeded.