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25 Years

Insurgent Voices: A Feminist Radio Program for Peace

Fri, 12/11/2020 - 12:00pm
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Abstract: Insurgent Voices, a Colombian radio initiative, is one of many peacebuilding initiatives in Georgina Ortiz, a former FARC ex-guerrilla settlement camp currently in the process of rezoning into a town. It seeks to prevent gender based violence, and make visible the struggles, conquests, and accomplishments of women via insurgent feminism. The initiative has been a collective construction which brings new lessons to us each day. Insurgent Voices is the voice of those who in a prior moment have been silenced for trying to construct a more just, equitable, and peaceful Colombia. Two of the four radio hosts will join us to discuss the initiative.

Our weekly programming began in June and is available via Facebook and SoundCloud.

Guest Speakers:

Natalia Rivera Taborda, is an ex-guerrilla in the process of reincorporation, President of the Communal Action Committee for the Georgina Ortiz town, and member of the radio program Insurgent Voices.

Anyi Briceida Cárdenas is a signator of the peace agreement, fifth semester university student in public administration, promoter of prevention of Gender Based Violence, and member of the feminist program Insurgent Voices living in the Georgina Ortiz town, land of peace and reconciliation in the municipality of Vista Hermosa, Meta, Colombia.

Spanish-English translation by ICGC Scholar Michael Soto. 

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