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Interdisciplinary Conference on "Democracy under Threat in Times of Populism and Racial Nationalism"

Fri, 04/10/2020 - 8:00am to Sat, 04/11/2020 - 5:00pm
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Interdisciplinary Conference on 

 “​Democracy under Threat in Times of Populism and Racial Nationalism​”  April 10-11, 2020 at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities 

Submission Deadline: December 1, 2019 

The ​University of Minnesota-Twin Cities​, in partnership with ​Howard University, Spelman College ​and Morehouse College, ​invite scholars, activists, and students to present papers and posters and organize panels and workshops for our interdisciplinary conference on “Democracy under Threat in Times of Populism and Racial Nationalism.” This conference aims to bring together people interested in past and current threats to democracy and various responses to these threats.  Public scholarship that bridges the boundary between the academy and the larger community has been a central commitment at our four institutions for many decades.  This conference deepens that commitment and explores debates about the past and future of democracy, the racial, religious, gendered and class dimensions of national visions of membership and exclusion, and the promises and problems of populism. 

This conference sessions will include, but not be limited to, the following topics: 

Historical and Contemporary Roots of Populism, Racial Nationalism and Democracy; Racism, Anti-semitism, and Xenophobia as Threats to Democracy; Global and Comparative Perspectives on Populism, Nationalism, and Democracy; Immigration, Populism and Racial Nationalism; Economic and Cultural Roots of Democracy, Populism, and Racial Nationalism; ​Responses to Extremism and Authoritarianism; ​Role of the Media in Reinforcing and Resisting Threats to Democracy; Gender, Toxic Masculinity, and Populism; ​Public Policy and  Right-Wing Populism: Erosion, Backlash, and Rollback; Religious and Political Dimensions of Populism and Racial National; ​Education, Citizenship, and Belonging; How Scholarship Engages with the Public Interest; ​Public Institutions, Community Organizations, and the Question of Democracy. 

December 1, 2019 Deadline for Panel, Paper, and Poster Submissions. 


Panels. ​Submit​ ​the title of the panel and the name of the chair and participants with their affiliation, a 250-word panel abstract, and the title and ​150-word abstract for each of the presentations.​ ​Session length: 75 minutes. In order to promote collaborative conversations and audience participation, presentations should be limited to 10-12 minutes. We encourage organizers to build panels that bring together diverse perspectives from within and beyond the academy.

Papers. ​S​ubmit the title of your paper, affiliation, and a 150-word abstract. Conference organizers will place individual papers on appropriate panels. 

Poster Proposals. ​Submit a poster proposal that includes, author, affiliation, title of the project and a 150-word abstract explaining how the poster relates to one of the themes of the conference.

Workshops for undergraduates and graduate students from Howard, Morehouse, Spelman, and the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. ​Submit title, affiliation, and a 200-word abstract of the paper explaining its connections to the conference themes. Papers (10-15 pages for undergrads and 20-25 for graduate students) will be pre-circulated in late-March and receive feedback from participants, senior scholars, and activists through 90-minute roundtable, workshop discussions during the two-day conference. This format is well suited for works in progress and offers an opportunity to meet and engage with the broader community of scholars and activists working on questions of populism, nationalism, and democracy. 

Submit materials to ​ICWDemocracy@umn.edu​ by ​December 1​st,​ 2019. ​Participants will be notified by the end of January as to whether their submission has been accepted.