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25 Years

Women and Power in Post-Conflict Africa

Fri, 02/27/2015 - 12:00pm
Event Location: 
1114 Social Sciences

Presented by: Aili Tripp, University of Wisconsin

(Per Aili Tripp: “Pray the Devil Back to Hell”, 2003 protests in Monrovia)


ABSTRACT: The talk is based on a forthcoming book, which looks at a gender-related consequences of the decline of major conflict in 17 countries in Africa over the past 20 years. It explains why post-conflict countries in Africa have significantly higher rates of women’s political representation compared with countries that have not undergone major conflict. It also looks at why these countries tend to have been more open to passing legislation and making constitutional changes relating to women's rights. It shows how and why the post conflict countries have adopted a distinct trajectory compared with non-postconflict countries, recognizing that from the point of view of activists, this trajectory is still too slow and fraught. The talk is based on comparative research across Africa as well as fieldwork in Uganda, Liberia, and Angola. 


Co-sponsored by: ICGC & The Department of Sociology