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25 Years

Urban Revolutions

Fri, 03/16/2012 - 8:00am to Tue, 03/20/2012 - 4:30pm
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At this five day conference, we intend confronting the implications of three interwoven "urban revolutions" that are vividly manifest from the global South.

First, the popular urban revolutions that have swept the streets of Cairo, Tunis, Manama, Hama and earlier, Manila, Bangkok and Jakarta, with calls for radical political change.

Second, the neoliberal revolution that has sought to radically remake cities and urban planning through thoroughgoing commodification of urban space, inviting in its wake an equally vigorous outpouring of political and intellectual discontent, and social protest.

Third, a conceptual revolution in the making that finds the EuroAmerican canon of urban planning inadequate to (even complicit in) growing problems of poverty, inequality, informality, rapid urbanization and spatial fragmentation in most of the world's cities, and stands firm in the conviction that the imagining of alternative urban futures rests at least partly upon new and transformed understandings of our contemporary urban condition.

Taking seriously the charge of "seeing from the South", the Jakarta conference brings together scholars committed to empirical and theoretical analyses of urbanism rooted in the global South - with the explicit aim of spelling out a new agenda for urban studies.

More Information

The conference website is the one stop information center for participants and anyone curious about the conference.


The conference is coorganized by Eric Sheppard, Ananya Roy, Helga Leitner, Jo Santoso, Anant Maringanti, Vinay Gidwani and Michael Goldman. It is supported by a GBP 20,000 grant from the Urban Studies journal and hosted by the Tarumanagara University of Jakarta, Indonesia.

The Interdisciplinary Center for the study of Global Change has coordinated the organization of the conference.