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Training Modules

International WaTERS Training Modules 

The International WaTERS Network is proud to announce the 2019 release of our online Training Modules. These training modules are intended to give students and practitioners an open access tool to learn more about water governance challenges – with a focus on equity and resilience in the Global South. There are 5 modules, each with a number of submodules. Each module contains a mix of videos, open access readings, and the chance to test your knowledge of the material. Many also include reflection and discussion questions that might be helpful teaching resources or learning guides. Each submodule should take between 1 and 2 hours and can be a standalone unit or used in conjunction with the other lessons. As such, to complete all lessons we expect that this will take up to 30 hours of work (watching videos, doing the readings, and so forth). We are happy to provide certification for completion of all five modules - the instructions are on the module webpage. 

Module 1: Biophysical Considerations for Water Resilience

Developed by Professor Larry Baker

Module 2: Collaborative / Participatory Research for Water Justice

Developed by Professor Jacqueline Goldin and PhD Student Claudia Mukong

Module 3: Water Access and Equity

Developed by Professor Michelle Kooy and PhD Researcher Cecilia Alda Vidal

Module 4: Rural-Urban Connections and the Peri-Urban

Developed by Professor Vishal Narain, PhD Researcher Sumit Vij, and Dr. Anamika Barua

Module 5: Conflicts and Struggles Over Water Territories

Developed by Associate Researcher Lena Hommes, Professor Rutgerd Boelens, PhD Candidate Scott McKenzie, and K.J. Joy

We would like to thank and recognize the hard work put into these training modules by many members of the IW Network. Thank you, in particular, to developers Prof. Larry Baker, Prof. Jacqueline Goldin, Claudia Mukong, Prof. Michelle Kooy, Cecilia Alda Vidal, Dr. Anamika Barua, Dr. Sumit Vij, Lena Hommes, Prof. Rutgerd Boelens, Scott McKenzie, and KJ Joy.

The training modules can be accessed by clicking here.  We welcome any and all feedback participants might have on this training tool.