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25 Years


International WaTERS Network Publications

 2019 Human Geography 12(1) special issue, edited by Dr. Jacqueline Goldin. Subscription access can be found here.

2019 Water International 44(2) special issue. Open access can be found here.

Boelens, R., Perreault, T., & Vos, J. (2018). Water Justice. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Subscription access can be found here.

Rodina, L., Baker, L.A., Galvin, M., Golden, J., Harris, L.M., Manungfala, T., Musemwa, M., Sutherland, C., & G. Ziervogel (2017). Water, equity and resilience in Southern Africa: future directions for research and practice. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 26-27: 143-151. Preprint PDF of the article here.

International WaTERS Network-Related Publications

 Members of the International WaTERS Network frequently publish new and cutting edge work. If you are interested in sharing your publications with the network please forward them to internationalwatersubc@gmail.com. Recent selected publications are listed below:

Alba, Rossella, Silja Klepp, and Antje Bruns. "Environmental justice and the politics of climate change adaptation–the case of Venice."Geographica Helvetica 75.4 (2020): 363-368.

Alba, R., Kooy, M., & Bruns, A. (2020). Conflicts, cooperation and experimentation: Analysing the politics of urban water through Accra’s heterogeneous water supply infrastructureEnvironment and Planning E: Nature and Space, 2514848620975342. 

Alba, R., Bruns, A., Bartels, L. E., & Kooy, M. (2019). Water Brokers: Exploring Urban Water Governance through the Practices of Tanker Water Supply in AccraWater, 11(9), 1919.

Antwi, S.H., Getty, D., Linnane, S., et al., COVID-19 water sector responses in Europe: A scoping review of preliminary governmental interventionScience of the Total Environment

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